Things From Dubai That Made Us Gasp

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From gold-covered cars to a number plate worth $9 million, Dubai is home to billionaires from around the globe. The high-rolling city has many things that make us gasp, from the gold vending machines that toss out gold bars, to the diamond-studded cell phones sold for more than some houses. While the above luxury items may seem like a fantasy, they’re actually very real in Dubai. Continue reading “Things From Dubai That Made Us Gasp”

Best Las Vegas Escorts

Las Vegas Escorts

The internet is awash with sites that purport to have the most amazing companions. This can make choosing the las vegas escorts to book a challenge. In some cases, men are afraid of hiring girls that collude with criminals to rob them of their money. Others are afraid of cops that pose as companions. Every man has a list of things to be wary of when hiring companions. Nevertheless, it’s possible to book great companions and have an awesome experience. Just follow these tips when booking. Continue reading “Best Las Vegas Escorts”