Cramps After Sex by Indian Escorts

Sex is an act of pleasure and enjoyment but there are some unwanted painful symptoms too and Cramps are just one of them. Cramping is a body pain people feel normally after having sex. Las Vegas Indian escorts explained that there can be many reasons for cramps in men and women.

Nearly 58% of people suffer from cramps after sex but most of them get relief within hours.

There are several different and common causes which cause Cramps after sex, some of the most common causes of cramps in both men and women are:-

Strains in muscles:- Sex is a physical activity like exercise which involves the high movement of muscles. Like exercise, during sex muscles get strained and sometimes tight, or dehydration of muscles can cause cramps.

Your orgasm:- Orgasm occurs when pelvic muscles contract involuntarily and when this contraction becomes highly intense then temporary cramps after sex can be caused.

Bowel issues:- Our digestive system can sometimes start working badly which causes constipation and gas in the abdomen area and result causes cramps after sex.

Problems in the bladder:- Bladder is located in front of the uterus and sometimes during intercourse, uneven or deep penetration can disturb it which starts pain or cramps in the abdomen area.

Diseases:- Several Sexually transmitted diseases and infections also cause cramps after sex, they don’t show symptoms but it is recommended to get a regular checkup for STDs.

Mental or emotional shock:- Past time stress, mental trauma, emotional stress, and pain can build up muscle tension in the body which cause body ache and cramps during or after sex. It is recommended to practice stress-relieving activities before sex.

Women, on the other hand, have several more causes than above which can cause Cramps after sex. Indian Escorts professionals suggest you might have one of these possible causes for getting Cramps after sex in women:-

Deep Penetration:- Deep penetration in the vagina cause injury or infection to the cervix which leads to cramps and pain in the abdomen area after sex.

Ovarian cysts:- Ovarian cysts grow on the ovary, it is a liquid-filled sac that during sex can twist or rupture causing high levels of pain and muscular cramps.

Ovulation:- Ovulation is a natural process in which the ovary releases the egg for fertilization 2 weeks before the period, and having sex during this period can cause cramps in women.

Early pregnancy:- Sex during early pregnancy cause orgasm which contracts abdominal muscles and causes cramps due to the contraction of the womb with these muscles.

Other causes of cramps include

  • Pelvic disease
  • IUD
  • Vaginal anatomy
  • Your partner’s semen

Tips to avoid cramps by escorts

Cramps can be avoided with some precautions and steps suggested by professional Indian escorts. These are:-

  • Take pain relievers
  • Using heat pads
  • Supplementation
  • Change in lifestyle
  • Relax your mind and body before and after sex
  • Replace IUD with other birth control options
  • Don’t put pressure on your cervix

When to see a doctor?

According to Indian escorts professionals, You should see or consult a doctor when cramps occur:-

  • During pregnancy
  • Sexually transmitted diseases

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