Things We Learned From Mahindra’s Reveal Of Its New Logo

What is it that makes Mahindra & Friends (MHF) different when compared to other motorcycle manufacturers? Is it the color, or the graphics or the sleek profile of the new logo? Or is it simply a matter of quality and sheer presence? Whatever the case, it is certainly one more reason why MHF should be considered among the top brands in India. Let us now take a closer look at what these top five things we have learned from the reveal of the new logo of the Mahindra:

One: The color of the logo matches the color of the motorcycle – Like many other motorcycle companies, Mahindra has experimented with colors like orange and red, but the result was not pleasing to eyes. In the new logo, however, the color is given more emphasis than before. It is bold and powerful without looking cartoonish. The color saturation of the logo makes it very much alive. It looks as though it has been colored in black and white, which is very appropriate for the kind of industry it belongs.

Two: The font of the logo is big and bolder than before. The font is larger and more readable. This gives it a clear identity, like that of the brand. It is attractive and inviting. It seems to come alive.

Three: The background color of the logo matches the color of the motorcycle itself. The lighter the color on the logo, the better. Mahindra’s new logo does not lack in color, even if it is on a small font. It is vivid and colorful without looking cartoonish. It looks very much like the real thing.

Four: The graphic element of the new logo is great. It is very simple but at the same time, it has a powerful impact. It is not overly busy, but it has a very strong identity, just like the brand name it protects. It has a definite message, and that is what the brand name is there to deliver.

These five things we learned from Mahindra’s reveal of its new logo are essential in helping a brand become memorable. They are essential for an effective logo design. It is good to keep in mind, as well, that new logos are constantly being improved. Sometimes, changes are necessary. And sometimes, such changes may be unavoidable, especially when a brand has already achieved success in the market.

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