Things From Dubai That Made Us Gasp

From gold-covered cars to a number plate worth $9 million, Dubai is home to billionaires from around the globe. The high-rolling city has many things that make us gasp, from the gold vending machines that toss out gold bars, to the diamond-studded cell phones sold for more than some houses. While the above luxury items may seem like a fantasy, they’re actually very real in Dubai.

The city is living beyond its means, not only financially, but ecologically. The grass on the street is water-spraying, and the skyline is Manhattan-manque. The tallest building in the world is built on a slender spike and the cooling pipes that run beneath the sand are running underneath it. Those who work near the coast have not seen anyone for months.

The city is so extreme that it’s not surprising that it’s been labeled a “Under Construction” disaster. While people working on the coast in Dubai haven’t seen anyone for months, some of the city’s more crazed projects are under construction. One, a ski slope built on top of a mountain-sized freezer, is now a ski resort with real snow.

One of the most incredible luxury attractions in the city is the artificial islands that have been built in the shape of the continents, like Australia and New Zealand. Developers plan to sell each continent for the building of more condos. Another, more bizarre project, is an air-conditioned beach. There are real snow slopes beneath the sand, and it’s actually cool enough to jump in.

In the past few months, we’ve been blown away by the insane projects that have been constructed in the city. Thousands of young men are bussed out of town to work on construction sites. They’re quarantined and thrown into prison for months at a time. Despite the fact that Dubai is an ecologically arid city, the residents are aware of their water problems.

While there are many beautiful things to see in Dubai, there are also many bizarre experiences that make us gasp. Aside from a supercar tour, which includes five supercars, we also had a chance to test drive the Ferrari 458 Spider, Mercedes-Benz SLS, and Lamborghini Gallardo. While we didn’t have time to try all of these, we still were able to have a blast in the desert.

Apart from being a luxury city, Dubai is also a destination for people who are looking for adventure. The country’s low rainfall has made the city extremely arid and unsuitable for life. The people here are living in a harsh environment, so it’s no wonder they’re getting sick. And there’s no way to stop them from being sick. And there’s even an example of this in a faeces-filled beach at the shadow of the world’s most famous hotel.

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